Small, robust, easy – simply smart

The operator-panel-based CNCs SINUMERIK 808D and SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED are extremely compact, rugged and very easy to maintain. SINUMERIK 808D is suitable for machines needed for economic CNC solutions.

With variable software options and high-dynamic servo drive systems, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED system is offering the latest CNC solution for high-performance basic machines.

Preconfigured for basic standard turning machines …

The SINUMERIK 808D Turning/SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED T CNC is perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of modern standard turning machines. Intelligent CNC features such as full servo controlled rigid tapping or the flying switchover between spindle and C axis enable most precise and fastest turning operation.

  • SINUMERIK 808D Turning:
    Up to 4 axes/spindles in one machining channel;
    Up to 5 axes/spindles in one machining channel with/without a driven tool
  • Preconfigured system software for inclined bed fully automated lathes and flat bed semi-automatic lathes
... and basic standard milling machines

The SINUMERIK 808D Milling/SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M CNC is perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of modern standard milling machines. Thanks to Advanced Surface with its intelligent look ahead function and dynamic block compression, the SINUMERIK 808D Milling/SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M is also ideal for the machining of molded workpieces.

  • SINUMERIK 808D Milling:
    Up to 4 axes/spindles in one machining channel
    Up to 5 axes/spindles in one machining channel
  • Preconfigured system software for vertical machining centers
  • Prepared for mold and die applications

SINAMICS V60 servo drives  and SIMOTICS S-1FL5 feed motors are the perfect partners as an economic solution to achieve maximum dynamics and accuracy for feed axes in standard turning and milling machine tool applications with SINUMERIK 808D.

With its closed-loop speed and current control, SINAMICS V60 is perfectly tailored for economic but powerful feed axes and guarantees easiest commissioning without any PC tools.

With a robust design, SINAMICS V60 together with SIMOTICS S-1FL5 feed motors are perfectly prepared for maximum availability even in harsh environments.


SINAMICS V70 servo drives and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 feed motors are designed for the maximum cutting performance for the basic turning and milling machine tool applications. Thanks to the bus communication with the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED CNC system, threefold overload capacity and the 20 bit high-resolution absolute encoder allow to increase the precision and efficiency of the machines.

With a robust design, SINAMICS V70 together with SIMOTICS S-1FL6 feed motors are perfectly prepared for maximum availability even in harsh environments.

Up to 36 months material warranty and on-site service

Siemens offers a standard material warranty and free on-site service period of 24 months for the SINUMERIK 808D, SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED and the associated components. Warranty can be easily extended up to 36 months by end user registration.

Moreover, Siemens ensures elimination of any defects on the components free of cost on site during the warranty period.

Further information about the conditions and the scope of the warranty and the on-site service can be found at:

Connection system MOTION-CONNECT 300

The MOTION-CONNECT 300 cables in this catalog are suitable for the use with standard turning and milling machines.

The use of pre-assembled MOTION-CONNECT 300 cables ensures high quality and system-tested, problem-free operation.

Degree of protection of pre-assembled power and signal cables and their extensions is IP65 when closed and connected unless otherwise stated.

MOTION-CONNECT 300 cables are not suitable for outdoor use.

MOTION-CONNECT 300 cables are approved for a maximum horizontal travel distance of 5 m without support.

The cables must be unwound without twisting.

To maximize the service life of the cable carrier and cables, cables in the carrier made from different materials must be separated in the cable carrier using spacers. The spacers must be filled evenly to ensure that the position of the cables does not change during operation. The cables should be distributed as symmetrically as possible according to their weights and dimensions. Cables with different outer diameters should be separated by spacers as well.

When inserting pre-assembled cables into the cable carrier, do not pull at the connector, as this may damage the strain relief or cable clamping.

The cables must not be fixed in the cable carrier. They must be freely movable.

The cables must be able to be moved without applying force, specifically in the bending radii of the carrier. The specified minimum bending radii must be adhered to.

The cable fixings must be attached at both ends at an appropriate distance from the end points of the moving parts in a dead zone.

Cables must be installed in accordance with the instructions supplied by the cable carrier manufacturer.

In case of vibration load and with horizontal or vertical cable entries, we recommend that the cable is additionally fixed if between the cable strain relief on the cable carrier and the terminal at the motor part of the cable is hanging loose or is not routed. To prevent machine vibrations being transmitted to the connectors, the cable should be fixed at the moving part where the motor is mounted.

Derating factors for power and signal cables

Ambient air temperature
°C (°F)

Derating factor
according to EN 60204-1 Table D.1

30 (86)


35 (95)


40 (104)


45 (113)


50 (122)


55 (131)


60 (140)


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