Door Control Systems for Elevators

See the following PDF for an overview of elevator door controls

Область применения

The elevator door drive consists of a controller and a maintenance-free drive unit, the geared motors.

Controllers are electronic controllers connected to the power supply via an external power supply unit (SIDOOR NT40, SIDOOR Transformer). They are generally connected to the higher-level controller via digital or fieldbus interfaces, and can be configured via a user interface.

SIDOOR AT12 and SIDOOR AT40 controllers enable the operation of horizontally driven cabin and shaft doors at adjustable speeds and accelerations.

The SIDOOR ATD400V controller for rising doors and rolling shutters enables the operation of vertical door systems on elevators at adjustable speeds and accelerations.

Geared motors form the maintenance-free drive unit in the door drive. The geared motors are DC motors with non-self-locking gearing, and are speed-controlled. The set force and speed limits are not exceeded.

Operation of the named door drives does not require limit switches. The door width and the "OPEN"/"CLOSE" positions are determined automatically.

The power is transmitted by a toothed belt. The toothed belt passes over a deflector pulley and can be fitted with 2 door clutch holders. This enables it to drive both one-sided and centrally-opening doors. The accessories are not included in the scope of delivery, see "Accessories".

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